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Capitain and Engineer jobs

Captain: the officer in charge of the yacht and all who sail in her. Extensive qualifications are required and the jobs carries  immense responsibility with it. It can be very well paid indeed. Engineers: in charge of engines and electronics and very much in demand with potential earning to reflect that. Some engineers earning exceed captains. However engineers cannot legally hold the position with approved qualifications. There are a variety of training courses for Marine Engineers.

Stewardess and chef/cook jobs on board

Steward and Stewardess: interior crew in charge of the interior and caring for guests. Working as a stewardess can be a very rewarding experience. More than almost any other member of crew you get to meet owners and guests. The service you provide is vital to the quality of the guests stay.  As a steward or stewardess your duties will include everything from Silver Service to bed making, from ironing to PR. Chef and crew chef: provisions the yacht and prepares and cooks for guests and crew. The job is demanding, highly skilled and catering experience is essential.    

Superyacht jobs

The world’s fleet of big boats and superyachts, typically over 24 metres in length, has more than tripled in the last ten years, with nearly 8000 large luxury vessels afloat on the world’s oceans. The continuing worldwide boom in the superyacht market, together with changes to the manning requirements of large commercial and leisure yachts demanded by the international convention, has led to a substantial rise in the number of job opportunities to work on board these luxurious sail and motor yachts. Indeed, there is now a global shortage of qualified engineers able to work on superyachts.

Exterior crew jobs on yachts

Mate / First Officer: Just a step or two away from the position of captain an officer has to be qualified and hold relevant papers to hold the position. salary good, in charge of exterior crew, reports to captain. Deckhand: general exterior duties on board. Working as a deckhand is entry level for almost every captain in the industry, your apprentice position. Deckhands have risen to Captain in very short periods of time and have seen equivalent returns on training investment. The minimum requirements for deckhand training is the STCW but there are many other sailing courses that will enable you to climb the career ladder quickly and easily.

Minimum required qualifications

Today most crew are expected to have, at the very least, the minimum STCW95 recognised qualifications. These qualifications include the B.S.T. (Basic Safety Training) which covers four modules, namely basic firefighting, elementary first aid, personal survival, and personal safety & social responsibility. The STCW has been put in place to protect both crew and passengers/guests. STCW (S.T.C.W.) stands for Standards of Training, Certification & Watchkeeping There are many people who would wish to work as yacht crew. The lifestyle is fabulous and the pay package is great. In view of this high level of competition for yacht crew positions there is significantly more to finding a job on yacht, working as professional paid crew, besides sending the odd email and/or cv's and sitting back and hoping for the best. Working as yacht crew can be one of the most rewarding experiences offering travel, a good to excellent salary and a wonderful opportunity to explore far flung corners of the globe. But finding the right crew or the right job can sometimes be a battle.  

"This book is a must for anyone wanting to learn about the industry, whether in it or like me, wanting to get into it, there is plenty of detailed info into each position held on board a super yacht."

What they say about working on yachts

Working on a superyacht has a lot going for it. It can be an experience of a lifetime where not only do you travel to some of the most beautiful places in the world, you get to be earning great money while you do. But it's not all sunshine and roses.

The good
What's great about working on a yacht!

The travel

The experience

The people

The adventure

The money

The Bad
The tough bit about working on a yacht!

Miss family and friends from home

Living with co-workers 24/7

Hard work/Long hours/demanding guests

Tough on family life and relationships

Going back to 'Normal' life can be hard


Jennifer Errico, a qualified chef and author, has been involved in the superyacht industry in one way or another for over fifteen years. She has worked as a deckhand, stewardess, chef and more recently on the recruitment side of the industry.